Our Service

We offer healthy snacks and drinks to meet the needs of today’s consumers. Many of these items are ORGANIC, NON-GMO AND GLUTEN FREE. We will stock your machines with a mix of traditional items and healthy selections, best suited to your needs.

Here's a breakdown on how it works.

  • We supply the vending machine(s)
  • We maintain and stock them.
  • Your employees and guests use them.
  • We pay you a commission.

There is never any cost to your business, EVER, for any reason. We earn our money when people purchase products from the vending machines.

Vending machines:

We use only commercial grade electronic vending machines. They are available in many sizes and will fit virtually anywhere. They are incredibly reliable and will accept all coins, including loonies and toonies and make change. We can even install “bill acceptors” for maximum convenience.

Service Intervals:

We service the machine(s) once a week and more often if required.

Pricing and commission:

We customize a price and commission structure to meet your needs.  Our standard vend prices are less than a 7/11 store, plus we pay you the highest commissions.