1. Do I have a say in the choice of products available in our vending machines?
Absolutely! Your Vendingguy.com representative will share with you a list of items from which you can select products to meet your needs.

2. How much will it cost to have Vendingguy.com install and maintain our vending service?
The installation of the vending machine(s) and ongoing service is offered free of charge, subject to entering into a full service agreement. A suitable electricity supply must be available on the premesis.

3. How big are the machines?
Vendingguy.com offers a variety of vending machines in a range of sizes that will suit most situations. Cold drink machines, snack machines, coffee machines. Please contact us at 778.788.9317 and let’s get together and find a solution to meet your needs. 

4. How often will you service the machines?
We will service the vending machines as often as is required to maintain optimal product levels. The recommended service interval will be directly related to the sales activity.

5. What if someone loses his or her money in the vending machine(s)?
Vendingguy.com likes to ensure that anyone who loses money in the vending machine will receive a refund. Ideally we like to leave a refund float with someone at your location.

6. Recycling. What do we do with the empties?
We can take away the empty cans or you can collect them. Just let us know your wishes and we'll be sure to accommodate you.

7. How much will the products be? And is there a commission?
Your Vendingguy.com representative will recommend the appropriate price and commission structure to meet your needs.

8. How long before we get our new vending machines?
When you call, we schedule a meeting to discuss your needs and options. Depending on your current circumstance, service can be initiated in as little as ten days.